The future needs you to be a
different organisation

The Mantra:

Your organisation needs to adapt, to be more agile – as the future comes at an ever-increasing pace. 

You know that learning quicker than your competitors is probably your only maintainable competitive advantage. 

Your survival depends on you embracing innovation and fostering a creative culture.

All true, but rarely delivered

Our clients come to us because they understand the mantra but their existing culture means that, try as they might, they keep finding themselves back where they started.

Peter Drucker said it best: "Culture eats strategy for breakfast."

We can change that

Our skills are:

Big picture thinking. Where is the world going and does your organisation have a place in it?

Leadership, in every sense and meaning of the word

Engagement of, and with your employees, customers and stakeholders

Coaching. This is not training. Your teams know the answers; they just need an environment that promotes peer learning

Innovation (applied creativity) – unleashing your team’s natural creativity to help them have bigger, better ideas together – and crucially, ideas you can implement

Communications – making your message live and breathe, because it’s authentic and heartfelt

Judge us by the company we keep...

Here’s a few of the people we’ve worked with…

Our Team

When it comes to being part of the core WDTD team there are some non-traditional criteria. That you’re a world-class expert in your particular field - whether that’s performance coaching, communications, innovation, futurism or learning – is a given. But you also need to have enjoyed commercial success in an artistic field (or two) as well.

Mark is one of the world’s most respected thinkers on technology and societal trends. He is the author of the best-selling An Optimist’s Tour of the Future and the forthcoming We Do Things Differently.

His many advisory roles include Virgin Earth Challenge, Trillion Fund,

Mark Stevenson FRSA

Jamil Qureshi is one of today's foremost practitioners of performance enhancing psychology and author of The Mind Coach (Random House). He works with a rich diversity of the most talented business, public sector and sports people and teams in the world, from fighter pilots to medics, from Formula 1 racing teams to staff at all levels of an organisation (from the CEO to shop floor)...

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Jamil Qureshi

Tim has spent over 20 years working with some of the world's most creative organisations, including What If!, McCann Erickson and the BBC, as an inventor, writer, planner and leader...

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Jack enjoys simultaneous careers as a director, producer, comedian, writer and business facilitator. He has extensive experience helping organisations and individuals articulate and memorably communicate their ideas, working with clients as varied as Microsoft, London Business School, the Department for International Development, the NHS, Cisco, Standard Chartered Bank, Innovia Film and Pfizer...

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David is a learning futurist and a Senior Associate at the Innovation Unit, in London and author of the best-selling OPEN: How We’ll Work, Live and Learn In The Future about the global shift towards open organisations, and systems of learning (described by Sir Ken Robinson as ‘a revelation’). David leads organisational, national and international learning projects, solving the problems of employee, student and civic disengagement; maximising our potential to be creative, innovative and fulfilled citizens. He’s also a professional musician and composer having performed all over the world and penned songs for the likes of Marianne Faithful...

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David Price OBE

Maria’s expertise is in matching expert advisers, speakers, trainers and consultants to a client’s needs and then staying involved throughout to ensure that what is promised is always delivered. Maria’s match-making skills have been honed through a varied business career spanning retail, international management consultancy, sales and marketing.  As an entrepreneur Maria has built several successful businesses in the areas of learning and experiential events. She is WDTD’s secret ringmaster


Maria Franzoni


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