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RT : Join 500 passionate people at this Nov to explore a better business future. With host https://t.co/NCogmbHcXn1 week 4 days ago
RT : Read latest article in about the next Copernican mindset shift. https://t.co/PgJwsZ5f5V2 months 6 days ago
RT : Fancy bit of Spring madness mixed with some serious thinking for Easter Monday, try this with… https://t.co/BuJVQSvtth2 months 1 week ago
The Futurenauts Ep 4 is out! featuring a very clever engineer and some very stupid crowdfunders. https://t.co/a2Fb5e5MOh2 months 2 weeks ago
RT : Congratulations to for receiving aka ""Nobel Prize of Computing” today… https://t.co/InpslN6RJ62 months 3 weeks ago
RT : Mainstream manufacturers of self-driving cars planning to offer their own insurance policies. https://t.co/TLGB0URGIz3 months 4 days ago
RT : Author travelled to four continents to find extraordinary characters challenging the status quo https://t.co/GnsbOsIKtc3 months 5 days ago
RT : Is there a better day to have a birthday than ? Time to put on my birthday trousers https://t.co/C88Sq7kdoH3 months 1 week ago
RT : Swedes awoke this AM to universal healthcare nat'l prosperity peace & full employment: when will the nightmare end? 4 months 1 week ago
2nd pilot podcast is out now! The Trumpolpyse, future jobs and bad trousers in Vegas. https://t.co/qpmRGEobRy 4 months 1 week ago