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RT : Is there a better day to have a birthday than ? Time to put on my birthday trousers https://t.co/C88Sq7kdoH5 days 15 hours ago
RT : Swedes awoke this AM to universal healthcare nat'l prosperity peace & full employment: when will the nightmare end? 1 month 16 hours ago
2nd pilot podcast is out now! The Trumpolpyse, future jobs and bad trousers in Vegas. https://t.co/qpmRGEobRy 1 month 4 days ago
RT : Inspired by we joined one of the most effective things to do to curb climate change.… https://t.co/Yb2Xr6xCqB1 month 5 days ago
RT : Breezing ahead: renewable energy now accounts for almost 90% of new power in Europe https://t.co/yd6cH1kAUT1 month 1 week ago
RT : Fake ewes. So fake. Sad. https://t.co/llZK0Sj2TB1 month 1 week ago
Lovely review of 'We Do Things Differently' from …. 1 month 1 week ago
RT : That bit in Love Actually where our hero stands up to a yucky President, sort of just happened... https://t.co/Ofe3QdWIou1 month 2 weeks ago
RT : "Millennials look at the systems we've got and think: these are f--ed." is our guest on 98.8FM@noonhttps://t.co/66JlmMC1lD1 month 2 weeks ago
RT : Just launched: Mark Stevenson () on the outsiders rebooting our world: 21 April. Book here: https://t.co/yauDJybWeA1 month 2 weeks ago