Design Your Future




Ever had a consultant do their ‘thing’ at you?

Every ‘change expert’ seems to have one: a ‘five point plan for creativity’, a ‘seven step innovation’ programme, a ‘psychometric circle of influence’ you need to embrace, or some such other jargon-tinged path to organisational nirvana. When they’ve got a hammer, you’re going to look like a nail. 

We’re suspicious of that stuff. Offering treatment ahead of diagnosis is misconduct.

Our Design Your Future days aren’t about us, or our idea of the problems you face, or our opinion on what you should do about them. But they’re not for the fainthearted. If you want change you need to understand the culture of the organisation, what it believes about itself when no-one is looking. We’ll take you through a ‘design thinking’ approach, pioneered by Stanford University, but with WDTD’s unique cultural focus. By the end of it you’ll know what your real challenges are and, just as importantly, you’ll own them – as well as having a good idea about what you’ll need to do to fix them, and how to start.

Design Your Future

Part 1: Diagnosis

  • Identifying the key cultural challenges facing the organisation;
  • Making clear the successes you want to see;
  • Stating, unequivocally, your current reality - with appropriate data;
  • Diving deep into the consequences of not taking action;
  • Rigorously challenging the causes of your malaise - are they habitual responses, or convenient excuses?

Part 2: Treatment options

  • Solutions prototyping will begin to shed light on at the best course of treatment and developing real world (as opposed to fanciful) solutions;
  • The pitch and ask: the problems stated, the solutions imagined, the support needed, recorded on video.

Part 3: Outputs

  • A clear understanding of the cultural challenges facing the organisation;
  • Fresh concrete ideas that address those challenges in a form that can be invested in;
  • A galvanised, empowered staff, with a documented commitment to positively moving their ideas on;
  • An analysis of the employee engagement, and cultural well-being of the organisation.