Re:think! Day


The Inspiring but Impractical?

…or the Dull but Doable?

Our Re:think! days are different. We won’t focus on changing what your people do (although what they do will change) but on challenging how they think, delivering a smorgasbord of new perspectives and tools they’ll be eager to put into practice.

In a fast-paced, interactive and (we make no apologies about it) riotous day our worldclass team will engage your people on a journey that will see them creating new ideas born of a fresh mindset, leading to concrete actions. It’s a great way to introduce WDTD to your organisation. A rough outline (although all our days are bespoke) looks like this:


1. The future and what to do about it – Mark Stevenson

Where is the world going, what does it mean for your organisation and career, and how can you approach it successfully?

2. The Serendipity Engine – David Price OBE

Constant learning is the foundation of agility. It’s also the secret sauce of employee engagement.

3. Monkeys don’t like cold water… – Jamil Qureshi

A deep dive into how and why you act the way you do – and what you may need to change.

4. What are you doing in a box in the first place? – Tim Reid

Good intentions get lost. You need actionable ideas with real value. This session will help you nail them.

5. If a tree falls in a forest… – Jack Milner

How can you get the world around you to come on board with your new direction? Learn from the masters of influence.