Jack Milner

Jack enjoys simultaneous careers as a director, producer, comedian, writer and business facilitator. He has extensive experience helping organisations and individuals articulate and memorably communicate their ideas, working with clients as varied as Microsoft, London Business School, the Department for International Development, the NHS, Cisco, Standard Chartered Bank, Innovia Film and Pfizer. “Skills learnt from the world of stand up and theatre mean fresh, natural and compelling communication…” says Jack. As director for the West End, film and radio he knows how to take often dry, technical information and render it clear and memorable, no matter who the audience.


“The speed in which you can see marked changes in peoples’ confidence and skills is amazing.”
- Frances Cooper, Group Manager L&D for Post Office.


“We were inundated with positive feedback and the only negative comment - the sessions weren't long enough!”
Victoria Lewis, Director, Commerzbank